About Us


My Name is Alicia, I’m a professional jewelry maker from Florida, USA driven by an immense passion for making exquisite jewelry designs.  A graduate of Business Administration and Networking Administration from the College and a single mother of two kids.  I designed all kinds of handmade semi precious gemstones fashion jewelry for women and I’m here to make my web presence felt by showcasing and selling my handmade brand to the world.

You might be wondering what actually propelled me into jewelry making. It all started about 4 years ago when my jewelry broke, I actually liked it so much that opted to get it fixed myself which I successfully did. I took my time to study how a jewelry is actually put together in the course of fixing my broken jewelry and after that, I started joining pieces of stones to make jewelry. I immediately felt something inside me that I could make jewelry if I can take some courses on making jewelry. It was obviously clear that I've got the talent to me.   

My next step was to see how I could perfect my skills in jewelry making by taking some courses. That was exactly what I did, and today I can boldly tell anyone out there that I’m a professional jewelry maker. I desire to make a better impact. My mission is to create a brand that will be recognized worldwide as the highest quality and affordable handmade jewelry. I also hope to build a brand that sees customers satisfaction as an obligation. Thus, I’ll continue to strive hard in making the best handmade jewelry that will get all customers satisfied.

I‘m here to ensure that you don’t reach deep into your pocket at all times to get the best jewelry. I've got the best quality handmade jewelry at quite affordable prices. I can assure you of getting the very best jewelry when you shop here. I’m also open for a special request on the jewelry type you desire. I’m always at your service. Get in touch today!